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(Gezocht) In Brussel: Bimskies en andere kleine stenen (3-6mm)

Mateo Sumato


(NL) Allereerst verontschuldig ik me. Ik ben een van de fiese Duitsers die Nederland niet heeft opgehaald - maar ik zal binnenkort! Hopelijk kunnen sommige van jullie me toch begrijpen, omdat ik in het Engels moet schrijven.

So! Does anyone of you know maybe a possible source - besides an apotheek - for sharp gravel and bims (as known as puimsteengruis) in Brussels? I am looking especially for a size between 3-6mm but 2-8mm would be fine too (I will build my own strainers).

I read about possible alternatives for Bims, but these are either expensive, not available in my size or break down after time. After all, it seems, nothing beats the Bims for me. (For the record, the alternatives I've read about are seramis, akadama, lava granulat, haydite - or diatomaceous earth (found in cat litter or oil absorbants).

You guys are kind of my last resort. I spent to much time the last weeks which was so time consuming since I have no driving license. I went to 5 different Bricos, 2 different Gammas and about 8 building supply stores in the North of Brussels. Then I went to the Pepiniere de Boisfort, visited the only 'headshop' for plants in Brussels that I was able to find and finally called Bauwens Bonsai outside of Brussels. Not to mention the hours on Google, searching in Dutch, French and English. All of that without any success.

I was able to find out that there is a a company called DockX that could sell what I search but going by train to Mechelen is not in my student budget at the moment.

So.Please. Help Me.

dinsdag 18 juli 2017 - 21:59


How much do you need and for what purpose?

There are on-line shops that will deliver them to your doorstep.

For small quantities, or may be worth a visit.
woensdag 19 juli 2017 - 22:16

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